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Nye friske profiler 21. oktober 2021

*~Thigh highs over pants~*

Alder 18 fra Manton, Michigan Online 1 uge siden
Kvinde Søger Mand

I'm looking for someone to vibe with- hopefully good friendships too :) I just wanna listen to aggressive screaming with you~

Attractive Girl who wanted to have fun.

Alder 28 fra Jamaica, New York Online Nu
Kvinde Søger Mand

I'm a quiet girl who is looking for friendship on here . Someone to chat to , I love to have fun.

natural selection.

Alder 28 fra Arnold, Missouri Online 5 dage siden
Kvinde Søger Mand

Kurt Cobain fanatic, Joan Jett and Did Vicious wannabe; blah blah blah.

I am sick af

Alder 22 fra Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Online Over 2 uger siden
Kvinde Søger Mand

I am probably the coolest person you'll ever meet in your life

420friendly& hella chill

Alder 37 fra San Francisco, California Online Over 2 uger siden
Kvinde Søger Mand

💯 Original Emocore!!! I'm a tattoo artist and I life after death bcuz that's when it all begins. Life. And no I'm not suicidal or goth I just know about the meaning of life. Anyways I'm musically inclined and I live off grid in the woods .Oh...

heyyyy just text me!

Alder 19 fra Erlanger, Kentucky Online Over 2 uger siden
Kvinde Søger Mand

i love walking, going on adventures, reading and looking at the sky while high

Spooky scary Gothic girl from Germany

Alder 27 fra Eugene, Oregon Online 1 uge siden
Kvinde Søger Mand

Stupid ugly scary horrible person on the earth Very shy and dead Ugly spooky Gothic freak Dead inside Stupid and weird Pyscho girl from hell Better off dead Spooky goth freak Ugly scary horror girl 💀 Quiet and shy Angy smol spooky cat Shy and dead...