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Életkor a(z)

Új profilok 2018. január 18.


Életkor 50 a(z) Glenside, Pennsylvania Elérhető Tegnap
Hölgy keresés Férfit

Easy going, low maintenance, hard working girl that is looking for someone to share fun times with. I'm approachable & friendly, but kind of shy to make a first move in person.

walk in the darkness with me

Életkor 37 a(z) Utica, New York Elérhető Tegnap
Hölgy keresés Férfit

Greetings Everyone my name is Nora I am 37 years old I live in Utica NY I am a very nice person I am very passionate and honest and I have a good sense of humor I am into the darker side of the Occult and Macabre I believe that vampires and were...

hi rockers

Életkor 44 a(z) Mississauga, Ontario Elérhető Most
Hölgy keresés Férfit

looking for a cool dude i am friendly and outgoing looking for the same and hot looking.I like dokken scorpions deff leppard alice in chains triumph, the list goes on,i am an 80's hair band fan, looking for the same, i also like guys fit with long...


Életkor 20 a(z) Jonesborough, Tennessee Elérhető Tegnap
Hölgy keresés Férfit

im more goth in attitude and music choice i got alot of tattoos idk anything ask

Katrina XO

Életkor 34 a(z) Toronto, Ontario Elérhető Most
Hölgy keresés Férfit

I've always been open-minded to all types of people. I'm an artist/musician (bassist). I believe in the political philosophy of anarchism and would like to meet other like-minded. I'm currently getting my master's in fine art, and I'm looking for a...

Do you like Betty Boop?

Életkor 46 a(z) Brighton, Massachusetts Elérhető Tegnap
Hölgy keresés Férfit

"I came to buy a smile- today- But just a single smile- The smallest upon your face Will suit me just as well- The one that no one else would miss It shone so very small I'm pleading at the "counter"- sir- Could you afford to sell- I've Diamonds-on...

I don't speak English, sorry!

Életkor 45 a(z) Montreal, Quebec Elérhető Ma
Hölgy keresés Férfit

Cool et amicale mais avec un caractère bien trempé. J'ai du mal avec les habitudes, les règles et l'ennui. Pour qui veut me contacter, 13fois666 at g----c--