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Nouveaux venus 23 janvier 2021

Hey Im Lynzee and I like music and art

Age 25 de Waco, Texas En ligne Il y a plus de 2 semaines
Femme cherchant Homme

Nice hot emo guy who can make me happy And be there for me me when I need him

Ow how my heart cries of more rainy days

Age 22 de Minneapolis, Minnesota En ligne Il y a plus de 2 semaines
Femme cherchant Homme

Hello I am Courtney If there are any French people around feel free to call me Janine :)

i love Egypt belly dancing

Age 42 de Houston, Texas En ligne il y a 3 jours
Femme cherchant Homme

i have black hair and dark brown eyes and i am 5foot 2

Heyyy :). My name is hannah 😅

Age 18 de San Angelo, Texas En ligne Il y a plus de 2 semaines
Femme cherchant Homme

Heyy, my name is hannah. I really don't know what to put here so i guess I'll just list a couple things about me. 1.I love cute baby animals 2.I love kissing and cuddling 3.I'm obsessed with rob zombie

Just looking for the perfect emo boy

Age 18 de Perkinston, Mississippi En ligne Maintenant
Femme cherchant Homme

I like leather, alternative rock, metal, my cats name is Apollo, i love anything spikey! Also i find a person wearing leather very attractive! Im a very depressed and emotional person too. Hope to talk to you soon! (Oh im very weird)

Hey how are you

Age 20 de Augusta, Georgia En ligne il y a 5 jours
Femme cherchant Homme

I like to play video games and listen to music i love Lil peep

Rebel without a cause

Age 46 de Staunton, Virginia En ligne Hier
Femme cherchant Homme

Helllo: I’m hoping to find a few old skool guys to chat with online. I grew up in the Bay Area in the early 90’s and still wear all black and have no use for American mainstream bs. I have been into this since in was very young but I don’t over do...

may be an emo but I have much more to me

Age 18 de Lake Havasu City, Arizona En ligne Il y a plus de 2 semaines
Femme cherchant Homme

I’m a sweet and kind person,but I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and what’s right. I work with animals,including wolf hybrids and dogs. I’m a huge horror fan as well and love all things creepy. I hope to find someone who respects me for me and...